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User Guide for Free PS4 Gift Cards

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Many people do not know that you can get free codes for your PlayStation 4. Most of these people buy the expensive codes from the PSN store using their credit or debit cards, which is both expensive and full of hassle. Many of them also switched to PC gaming because of the prices for each game and item in the store. The free PS4 gift cards that can be generated online will definitely help such people. With the generator, everything will be free including whole games and their expansion packs. All you have to do is to get it and learn how to use it.

Installing the App

Most people use free psn codes generator available on pcmunkey.net and that is probably the best way to save your hard earned money. People can also install it in their mobile phones whether they are using android or iOS. This makes the app a lot easier to find and use. For PC users, you have to find a good website where you can get the file. Unlike mobile phones, searching the app is easy, using PC might take some effort. If you have someone who you can copy the file from, then that is probably the best way.

Using the App

The free psn codes generator is pretty much any kind of software interface that you see today. You don’t need to be a programmer to know how this works. All you have to do is input the amount that you need, and the other things that you might require and click generate. Once you see the code, copy it and input it on your online “wallet” inside the PSN network. You can do this over and over again when you need to buy something. Just make sure that you know the prices of the things that you are going to buy in order to do it in one go.